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2019 Catalog

Berkshire Product Catalog

2019 Product Catalog


White Papers

big problems with small ions

Big Problems Small Ions

By Howard Siegerman, Ph.D

Cleanroom personnel are well aware that they must be vigilant against small items that can ruin manufacturing processes – entities like particles, fibers, bacteria, and viruses. But, even smaller contaminants – ions- can wreak havoc in electronic products made in highly efficient cleanrooms.

Sterile Cleanroom Management

Sterile Cleanroom Management

By Lynn Stanard, Sr. Quality Manager, Berkshire Corporation

When manufacturing in an aseptic environment, it is critical to ensure that the various cleanroom consumables, such as wipers, gloves, swabs, tubing, ect., will not compromise your environment or products with their presence or use.

Technical Briefs

Particles on surfaces


Appearances are deceiving. Despite the advances made in the High Efficiency Particle Air (HEPA) filters used in cleanrooms, there’s no such thing as a totally particle-free environment. The cleanroom looks clean but particles too small to see with the naked eye are present in the cleanroom and settle on all exposed surfaces.

tech brief 1

Auditing Conformance to SOP’s

This tech brief has been developed to simplify the task of preforming a cleanroom audit by following a logical, step-by-step approach. It is aimed at individuals who may be overwhelmed with the scope and magnitude of such an audit.

tech brief 2

Medical Device Contamination

This tech brief describes the types of contaminants that can be found on medical devices during manufacturing. Optimal methods of contaminants removal are provided. The increasing importance of minimizing particulate contamination on medical devices is discussed.

tech brief 3

When It Has To Be Sterile

Production consumables are used in diverse healthcare facilities including compounding pharmaceutical rooms, aseptic manufacturing lines, and biotechnology laboratories. Obviously, in these facilities the consumables must be absolutely sterile so as not to contaminate the end product.

tech brief 4

Pre-Wetted Wipers Optimized for Application-Specific Cleaning

This tech brief describes the three optimum isopropyl alcohol (IPA) concentrations found in pre-wetted wipers and explains why each concentration is ideal for its particular cleaning application. Additionally, the note explains why pre-wetted wipers incorporate different wetting levels to optimize cleaning.

Brochures / Posters

Proper Folding

Proper Folding & Surface Cleaning

A helpful guide that shows how to properly fold and use a low-linting wiper for maximum efficiency and effectiveness in a controlled environment